Welcome to my little corner of bluebonnet heaven! While the bluebonnets are only here for a few months each year, there’s always something growing, something happening, something that causes me to pause and ponder.

Pondering then makes me want to write, so I head to my computer where I like to have my writing tools handy: a cup of hot chai tea (latte, of course), a water bottle, and lately, a LaCroix, too.

I like options, you see. Options in the garden. Options to spur my writing. And now, that’s what you’ll find on my little site: options. If you’re looking for INSTANT POT RECIPES (adaptable to your favorite other brand of pressure cooker)… or if you’re in the mood for READ&REFLECT Bible passages… or if you’re thinking about HOMESCHOOLING… or if you’re looking for some random discussions, then join me in CHASING RABBITS as we talk about the next thing that might hop-skip-or-jump across my mind.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll let me know you dropped by today! And enjoy the bluebonnets, because they’re always in bloom at cindydake.com!

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